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Tie Stalls for Sale

Purchase our tie stalls for sale at CK Manufacturing for your next dairy barn renovation or new construction project. Our tie stalls for sale are manufactured with 1.90 10ga. high strength tubing, using a 2″ solid square post system.

Is your curb too low? Ask about our curb build up options. Depending on your curb situation we may be able to replace your stalls, and raise the curb — all without disrupting your milking schedule. Contact our team today to get more information about our tie stalls for sale!

Flexible or Galvanized Steel Tie Stall Types

Available in many more sizes and styles — view our brochure to see them all!


Top-Rated Tie Stall Manufacturers

CK Manufacturing builds cow tie stalls to best fit the needs of your farm. As an expert tie stall manufacturer, a few things we consider include size and dimensions, feeding and watering, and manure management. Our durable stalls are built to withstand the heavy weight and force of your cows, as well as last for many years to come!

Don’t delay! Get in touch with our team today to get more information.

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Tie Stall Accessories

Endless options available — view our brochure to see them all!


Tie Stall Milking Systems: Streamline Your Farm Operations

Streamline your milking with CK Manufacturing tie stall milking systems! With efficiency in mind, our team will ensure that your new stalls have the best layout for cow positioning and accessibility of equipment. Not only that, but our milking systems allow for a controlled environment, familiarity, and routine for your cows. These factors and more contribute streamlined and efficient everyday milking on the farm.

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Create custom solutions for your farm with CK Manufacturing tie stalls for sale! When you purchase from our company, you get quality products and equipment that last. Find a dealer near you today to get started.

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