Design & Installation

Design & Installation

Expert Barn Installation

At CK Manufacturing, we have consistently been one of the top companies serving dairy farmers since 1998. We are excited to be offering complete barn installations and interior renovations for dairy barns across the East Coast. The most important commitment that we have is to you, our customer. You can be certain when you see the CK name, you are receiving the highest quality barn installation and construction, as well as a job that will exceed your expectations. In addition to our barn installation services, we offer renovation of stalls and curb build up.

Customized Dairy Barn Design

A successful dairy barn design strikes a balance between welfare, operational efficiency, and sustainability, ultimately contributing to the overall success of the dairy operation. Allow the professionals at CK Manufacturing to assess your needs and create an option that works well on your property. With every barn project, we consider several key considerations including, adequate space, proper ventilation, and natural lighting. All of these are essential for creating a stress-free environment that promotes milk production. 

Designing a quality dairy barn layout is a crucial task for farmers and dairy producers, as it directly impacts the health and productivity of their livestock. Get in touch with our expert team today!

Maximize Your Barn’s Efficiency With Our Cow Stall Design

A well thought out cow stall design contributes to the success and sustainability of your dairy operation, and that is what our team strives to provide! Consider adding dairy barn curb. Our construction experts will pour concrete onto the existing curb to build it up.

Knowing that dairy cows must be milked at least twice a day, we will strive to do the work without interfering with the normal milking routine of your cows. The job will be done quickly and efficiently, ensuring that your cows will be back in their regular stalls as soon as possible.

Contact our team today to get more information about renovating your barn and stall design!

Get In Touch With Our Team for Barn Installation

The services we provide are available through our company and available to contractors. We provide a wide variety of services including barn installation, interior renovations, standard replacement stalls (require no concrete work), and stainless-steel trough liners. No matter how big or how small your project is, call CK Manufacturing today and ask about our options for barn installation!

Design & Installation