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LS26 Heifer Series Loop Stalls


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LS39 Cow Series Loop Stalls

Quality Free Stalls for Sale

At CK Manufacturing, our free stalls for sale provide a comfortable and efficient environment. This type of stall allows cows to move around freely, while also providing individual resting space. When designed correctly, our free stalls for sale not only improve the management practices on your farm, but the well-being of your cattle.

Our durable stalls present a variety of different features. All loop stalls are constructed of 2-3/8” O.D. high yield steel tubing with a 10-gauge (.134) wall. The powder coat finish resists rust, corrosion, chipping, manure acids, and barn chemicals. Custom length and specifications available on request.

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Brisket Board Mounting Brackets

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Freestall Loops for Sale: Designed for Cow Welfare and Farm Efficiency

Our versatile freestall loops for sale consider the welfare of your cows and overall efficiency of your farm. When your cows are comfortable and safe in an organized space, your cows can be better taken care of and your farm’s overall productivity will increase. Not only that but providing an environment for your cows that maximizes comfort, also improves milk production and health.

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Free Stalls Accessories


Maximize Your Space and Functionality With Our Cow Welfare Flex Stall

Take advantage of the space on your farm and use free stalls for your dairy barn. Consider adding divider rails, that prevent cows from interfering with one another, and stall bedding, such as sand, sawdust, or rubber mats, for added functionality in your barn. With each cow welfare flex stall, we work hard to design and manufacture a space that works well for your cows and improves the overall function of your farm. 

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Build a Long-Lasting Dairy Farm with Our Free Stalls for Sale

Manufactured by our expert team, we consider the investment you are making with each project we complete. Our free stalls for sale are built to last long on your farm. We understand that this upgrade can be a big decision and work hard to provide quality that lasts and adds value to your barn and farm over time.

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