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CK Manufacturing has been serving the dairy farmer since 1998 and is excited to add new products to our existing line of quality dairy barn equipment. Our number one commitment is to take care of you, our customer. When you see the CK name, you can count on quality construction and a job well done. We specialize in manufacturing cattle control equipment for dairy farmers in PA and all over the east coast.

Cow Stalls: Free Stalls, Tie Stalls, Easy Fix Flexible Stalls & More…

Dairy farmers know what types of cow stalls are the best fit for their cattle. CK Manufacturing provides cattle stalls to give them a comfortable amount of space to live and grow but the proper build to keep them where they need to be. These different styles include Free Stalls, Tie Stalls, and our brand new Easy Fix Flexible Stalls.

Cattle Stall Accessories

Give your barn the functionality you need and the comfort your cows deserve with cattle stall accessories. Feeding your cows has never been easier with feed rails, hay racks, pail holders, and headlocks. Provide your dairy cows comfort with durable and easy to clean mats. Other function components for farms include our manure push off guards, latches, hinges, fences, and gates. These simple dairy farm add-ons will save you labor time and give your cows better lives.

Delivery, Installation, Repairs, and Renovations for Dairy Barns

CK Manufacturing provides one-day installations, repairs, and renovations for dairy barns near Lancaster, PA. If you’re not from the area, ask us about local dealers near you! We happily serve farmers all over the east coast. Regardless of where you are at in your renovation project, we will make the process painless for you and your livestock. Contact us today for more information!

Does your dairy barn need a tune-up?

CK Replacement Stalls now offers
the following services:

  • Concrete work
  • Concrete curb removal & replacement
  • Stainless steel trough liners
  • Mayo Mats - “The IN cow bed” - Cow preferred