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Secure Steel Fasteners

Our steel fasteners at CK Manufacturing offer security as well as durability when used to join or secure materials together. Fasteners are very important in construction and manufacturing to create sturdy and reliable connections. When selecting steel fasteners, it is crucial to ensure the structural stability of the materials being joined. This commitment to quality is at the core of our mission at CK Manufacturing.

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  • Flat Washers
  • Hex Bolts
  • Lock Washers
  • Wood Lag

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Heavy-Duty Solution Washers Fasteners

Our washers work perfectly for purposes such as sealing and distributing for projects and machinery around your farm. Our washers fasteners at CK Manufacturing offer a versatile and reliable option for projects where strength and durability are important. If you need to create a strong connection, our lock washers and flat washers for sale from CK Manufacturing are your go-to option!

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Superior Fastening With Our Structural Lag Screws for Your Barn

Commonly used to secure heavy objects together, our lag screws manufactured at CK Manufacturing are like traditional screws but offer a larger, coarser thread pattern. This screw type is designed to provide a secure and stronger hold for objects requiring a more substantial amount of holding power. Whether you are looking to secure and attach heavy beams, brackets, or hardware, our structural lag screws from CK Manufacturing will get the job done far superior to the rest.

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Manufactured and designed in a variety of different sizes and designs, our steel fasteners can accommodate a variety of different load capacities, environments, and applications. You don’t have to worry about corrosion with our steel fasteners! We manufacture all of our fasteners to be of the highest quality and strong enough to secure anything you need on your property.

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