Concrete Work

Concrete Work

Agri-Trac Traction

Agri-Trac Traction

Gravity Flow Gutters

Gravity Flow Gutters

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Precast Gutter

Expert Concrete Barn Floor Installation

Looking for concrete work in your barn? CK Manufacturing has you covered! Our concrete barn floor installation is very popular due to its durability, strength, and versatility. With every project, you can count on detailed and accurate project completion, giving you a solid barn base. Our work also helps create new barn solutions for manure management.

Check out our gravity flow gutters, offered in either precast or poured.

Our precast style gravity flow gutters are wider at the bottom than at the top which creates a natural force that produces better manure flow.

  • No more manure jam ups
  • Better manure flow
  • New gutters without missing a milking.

Get started today with concrete barn floor installation from the dependable team at CK Manufacturing!

Precise Pouring Concrete Floor in Pole Barn: AGRI-TRAC™ Traction Milling

Let our team tackle the crucial step of pouring concrete floors in your pole barn to provide a durable foundation, and unleash the power of AGRI-TRAC™ Traction Milling! This revolutionary technology is far superior to any previous method of floor alteration. So much so, that it is the only process that pre-cast slat manufacturers will allow on their product that won’t void the manufacturer’s warranty. Our flooring will hold up well against heavy weight of cows and equipment in your dairy barn.

Check out the pros below:

  • Increase Milk Production
  • Increase Heat Detection
  • Reduce Hoof & Leg Injuries
  • Reduce Cull Rates

Contact our team today to learn more and ask any questions you may have!

Repairing Barn Foundation Services for Your Property

Repair your barn’s foundation with the team at CK Manufacturing! Our professionals will arrive ready on the scene to address the issue and work to develop a long-term solution to protect your barn floor from cracking again. Whether your barn foundation has big or small cracks, we work hard repairing barn foundation’s as efficiently and quickly as possible.

When you notice cracks in your barn foundation, don’t delay! Our team will be ready to help when you call. Contact us today to get more information.

Reach Out to Our Team Today About Our Concrete Barn Floor Services

Let our team repair and preserve the structural integrity of your barn on your dairy farm. Our team understands the importance of your barn and will work hard to complete concrete barn floor services that will last for years to come.

Contact our team for an effective and exceptional concrete barn floor for your dairy farm today!

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