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Upgrade Your Feeding With Our Cattle Feeder Wagon for Sale

Discover our range of essential livestock amenities at CK Manufacturing. From waterers for constant hydration, to mats for comfortable flooring, and cattle feeder wagons for sale to ensure efficient feeding, we have it all. Our feeder wagons are among our most popular. Efficiently distribute feed, hay, or silage to a group of cattle in a controlled and measured manner when you purchase our cattle feeder wagons for sale. Elevate animal well-being and farm productivity with our top-quality solutions!

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Water Bowls and Waterers

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Ensuring Fresh Water With Cow Waterers

Ensure your herd’s well-being with our advanced cow waterer. Designed for continuous access, it provides a steady supply of fresh and clean water. Trust in its durability and innovative features to maintain optimal hydration levels for your cows, ultimately contributing to their health and milk production. Regular maintenance, including the cleaning and keeping the water free of debris and contaminants, is also crucial for the health of your cattle.

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Waterers, Mats, Feeders Accessories

Endless options available — view our catalog to see them all!


Enhance Your Cattles Well-Being: Mayo Cow Comfort

Even after 15 years, the Mayo Mat will provide comfort for your cows, as if it was still new! The Mayo Mat is non-abrasive, non-slip, non-absorbent and will stay soft indefinitely. It is tough enough to take the abuse of a large dairy cow for at least 15 years but gentle enough that a raw egg dropped from 6 feet or more will not break. Replace the majority of traditional bedding in your dairy barn with Mayo Cow Comfort! 

The mats for dairy cows that we offer include:

  • Green Economy Mat: A great mat for tie stall walkways 4’x6′ (optional interlock) 1″ thick, 20 lbs.
  • Rubber Mat: This rubber mat has a non-slip surface and provides the perfect fit for free stall barns. Up to 1800 P.I.W. (Pounds Per Inch of Width) strength.

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Purchase Our CK Manufacturing Cattle Feeder Wagons for Sale

Our cattle feeder wagons for sale from CK Manufacturing add value to your daily farm operations. Perfect for convenient and consistent feedings, you can trust that our feeder wagons can accommodate a variety of different herd sizes. Trust the team at CK Manufacturing for your cattle equipment!

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