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Calf Barns


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Optimize Calf Health With Our Calf Barns

Give your calves a healthy and safe environment as they continue to develop with calf barns from CK Manufacturing! Our team understands the role and importance of manufacturing calf barns designed with your calf’s health in mind. Our curtains are manufactured using durable curtain material and galvanized hardware. As well as the proper means necessary to keep their space clean and have easy access to feeding areas.

Barns constructed with:

  • Hot dipped galvanized steel structure. No wood is used in the structure.
  • Versatile Design. Each bay is 12’ long x 8’ deep and can be used for three 4’ x 8’ calf pens, or a 12’ x 8’ large pen.
  • Designed for simple cleaning.
  • Easily expandable for future growth
  • 5’ overhang provides additional protection
  • Durable ag curtain walls

Give your calves a safe and healthy environment when you purchase calf barns from CK Manufacturing!

Powder Coated or Galvanized Pail Holder

Available in many more styles — view our brochure to see them all!

Ensure Calf Well-Being With Our Calving Sheds

When you use our calving shed from CK Manufacturing on your farm, you prioritize your calf’s well-being and future development. In the early stages of development, it is crucial that they grow up in a nourishing environment. Having adequate space to move around helps provide a safe and supportive environment for both calves and cows alike. Our products help create a well-ventilated environment that works well for your calves and ensures a safe shelter on your property.

Shop our calf shelters for sale today from CK Manufacturing when you contact our team!

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Calf Gates and Accessories

More ptions available — view our brochure to see them all!


Focus on Cow Comfort for Your Livestock

As calves grow, it is more important than ever to make sure they are getting everything they need to be healthy. This includes their comfort! Calves that are more comfortable show signs of reduced stress, disease, and injuries, as well as have more success weaning to solid food and a new environment later down the road. Prioritize the comfort of your livestock with products from CK Manufacturing!

Contact our team today to learn more about how we implement the importance of cow comfort into our products and equipment!

Contact Us to Purchase Our Calf Barns Today

When you choose CK Manufacturing for your calf barns, you get a nurturing environment until they are ready to transition out onto the farm. When our specially designed and manufactured products are added to your farm, it’s easy to notice the positive difference they make!

Interested in learning more about our manufacturing process? Contact our team today!

Calf Barns