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High-Quality Slant Bars

At CK Manufacturing, we manufacture slant bars for your barn that best accommodate and manage your livestock. From calves, heifers, to cows, we work hard to keep in mind your cattle and design slant bars that are optimal for their movement, feeding, separation, handling, etc. Our feedthrough gates and fences are custom built to any length.

On all panels, the top and bottom bars are 1.9” O.D. 13-gauge wall, high yield steel tube, and bars are 1” schedule 40 pipe. For more information, contact our team today!

Panels available in three sizes:

Size Opening Height
Calf 10 1/2″ 28″ or 38″
Heifer 12 1/2″ 38″ or 48″
Cow 14 1/2″ 38″ or 48″

Flat or Open Ends Slant Bar

Available in many more styles — view our catalog to see them all!


Improve Cow Management With Our Slant Bar Feeder Panels

Our slant bar feeder panels will provide many benefits to both you, the farmer, and your livestock. This type of barn management solution provides a comfortable and controlled environment for dairy cows, all while keeping them healthy. In this type of environment, cow hygiene and manure are also easier to manage, as these barns often include systems for maintaining cleanliness for your livestock. In addition, you can also house more cows at once due to the ability to utilize the maximum amount of space.

Get started on improving and creating new solutions for managing your cows when you contact our team today!

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Contact CK Manufacturing Today for Superior Slant Bars

The team at CK Manufacturing keeps your farm in mind when we manufacture our slant bars and other equipment. Our mission is to create products that are worth your investment, and last long in your barn for your livestock.

Interested in learning more? Contact our team today to get more information on our slant bars at CK Manufacturing!

Slant Bars