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Do you need custom welding and metal fabrication? Not only does our team at CK Manufacturing manufacture a complete line of cattle control equipment, but our equipment and facilities are large enough to accommodate custom welding projects. Whether you need one piece or a large production run, our 30,000 sq. ft. shop with 23’ high ceilings and a 10 ton crane is equipped for galvanized steel, mild steel, aluminum and stainless-steel welding and metal fabrication.

Our custom welding services include:

  • Galvanized Steel Welding: Galvanized steel welding is a specialty of ours. Our shop ventilation and fresh air welding helmets allow our welders to handle the toxic nature of galvanized steel safely and effectively.
  • TIG / MIG / Stick Welding: TIG welding, MIG welding and stick welding demand a high level of skill and attention. We offer a diverse line of welding equipment to fill multiple applications.
  • Machining: When it comes to machining, we use a heavy-duty Warner Swasey lathe.
  • Metal Sawing: For metal sawing, we use a Precision CNC bundle saw with 20”x20” capacity.
  • Tube Bending: Tube bending is available up to a schedule of 40 2-inch round or square tubes.
  • Painting: Our paint booth is 20’x50’.
  • Metal Stairways and Handrails: We manufacture and install metal stairways and handrails.
  • Design Support: QCAD design and prints are available for your welding project.

Durable Farm Welding Services

Our well-equipped facility possesses the specialized resources required to handle generating tailored parts and equipment for a variety of industries. Our team accepts new orders from across the United States for custom welding. If you need farm welding services for galvanized steel, mild steel, aluminum, or stainless steel, we are the team to call!

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Reliable Farm Equipment Fabrication for Your Property

Precision and durability are paramount, as your equipment must withstand rigorous use in diverse environmental conditions. Our farm equipment fabrication process involves the design, development, and construction tailored to the unique demands of your property’s farming. We work hard to create results that will last many years.

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Experience excellence through our welding and metal fabrication services. With skilled craftsmanship, we bring your visions to life. Trust in our commitment to precision and quality for unmatched results.

Welding & Fabrication