Calf Series

Calf Series

Heifer Series

Heifer Series

Cow Series

Cow Series

Headlocks for Sale: Improve Your Barn’s Cow Management

Designed to best help manage your cows, our CK Manufacturing headlocks for sale are manufactured to last and improve the overall efficiency of your dairy farm. Our team works hard to create quality headlocks for sale for your dairy cows that provide comfort and are easy to use.

Explore our selection of headlocks in three different sizes to cater to your livestock management needs below!

  • Calf Series: Designed with a 16” center spacing, the Calf Series headlocks offer easy adjustability for 4 ½” and 6” openings. These headlocks feature a 28” high fence, suitable for animals weighing between 250lbs and 600lbs.
  • Heifer Series: Our Heifer Series headlocks, spaced on a 17 13/4” center, provide seamless adjustment for 6” and 7 ½” openings. With a fence height of 38”, these headlocks are perfect for animals weighing 600lbs and above.
  • Cow Series: Introducing the COW SERIES headlocks with a 23” center spacing and a 7 ½” yoke opening. These headlocks feature a 38” high fence, designed for animals weighing 1,000lbs and more.

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Square or Round Tubing

Available in many more styles — view our brochure to see them all!

Square or Round Tubing
Square or Round Tubing

Cattle Headlocks for Sale Designed for Ease of Use

Our cattle headlocks for sale offer many benefits to farmers, like yourself. On all our headlocks, we manufacture the opening to maximize cow comfort and efficiency. Simple and compact, latch mechanisms on our headlocks requires no field adjustments and are easy to operate.

Headlock Features Include:

  • Cushioned stop for quiet and safe operation.
  • Lock on each yoke allows each animal to be retained or removed individually.
  • Spring-loaded neck bar for easy removal and adjustment.
  • Can be used as either bottom release or conventional use headlocks.
  • Heavy-duty construction.
  • Round steel posts available for curb-mounting or mounting on concrete bunks.

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Headlock Accessories

Endless options available — view our brochure to see them all!

Prioritize Cow Safety With Our Dairy Headlocks

Our headlocks at CK Manufacturing are designed to be easily used and easily installed. We don’t manufacture headlocks that are hard to figure out. With a simple latch mechanism, spring-loaded neck bar, and lock on each yoke, our dairy headlocks ensure easy use and safety between you and your cows.

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Durable, yet safe for your animals, headlocks for sale from CK Manufacturing are top-of-the-line. From the first inquiry to the final installation, our expert team will be there to walk through the process with you. You won’t be disappointed when you purchase our equipment designed to last!

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