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Easy Fix Flexible Stalls

Flexible Stalls

The safest, most comfortable stall available!

Easy Fix Flexible Stalls are now offered by CK Manufacturing. The EasyFix Flexible Stall with rubber loop provides a flexible framework as compared to rigid metal loops, helping to reduce cow injuries. The rubber loop aligns cows with available space and helps to stop turning in stalls.

EasyFix Flexible Stall Benefits

The EasyFix Flexible Stall encourages cows to lie correctly and for longer periods of time.

Coupling Connecting Fence Easyfix flexible coupling

EasyFix Flexible Stall Features

The EasyFix Flexible Stall has been designed using flexible plastic tubes, a new rubber neck rail bracket, and a rubber loop.

Easyfix fixed coupling Cubicle Scratcher

Comes in Four Colors: The EasyFix Flexible Stall also comes in four colors.

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