Dairy Barn Installation Services


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Dairy Barn Installation

Installation Services for Dairy Barns

CK Manufacturing is one of the top companies serving all needs of dairy farmers since 1998. We are excited to be offering complete interior renovations for dairy barns across the East Coast. The most important commitment that we have is to our customer. You can be certain that when you see the CK name, you are receiving the highest quality construction, as well as a job that will exceed your expectations. One of the services that we offer is dairy barn installation, along with the renovation of stalls and curb build up.

Dairy Barn Curb Build Up

A cattle stall replacement requires several elements. Sometimes, the curb can simply be built up if it is too low. Allow the professionals at CK Manufacturing to assess your needs and find out if this is an option. In order to simply do dairy barn curb build up, our construction experts will pour concrete onto the existing curb in an effort to build it up. Knowing that dairy cows must be milked at least twice a day, we will strive to do the work without interfering with the normal milking routine of your cows. The job will be done quickly and efficiently, ensuring that your cows will be back in their regular stalls as soon as possible.

CK Manufacturing prides itself on being customer service oriented, producing high quality products that will exceed all expectations. Each product is unique and individualized to your specific needs. Knowing how important it is for your cows to remain in their own environment, we make every effort to make sure that they are milked in their own stalls. The only time cows would be removed would be during a complete renovation; at that point, time and customer satisfaction would still be the primary concerns.

CK Manufacturing offers top quality cattle control equipment and renovations. These services are available through our company and are also available to contractors. We provide a wide variety of services including standard replacement stalls (require no concrete work), gravity flow gutters, free stall barn renovations, and stainless steel trough liners. No matter how big or how small your project is, call CK Manufacturing today and ask about our options.