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Cow Gates & Fences

Gates & Fences

CK Manufacturing's gates, fencing and gate panels are made of heavy-duty tubing to last years longer than uncoated tubing. Don't throw money away with cheap fencing!

All cow gates and fencing are made of 1.9" outside diameter steel tubing with 13 gauge high yield steel tube.

Gates and fencing for your cattle can be custom built to your specifications. Standard heights are 38" high (4 bars), 48" high (5 bars), and 54" high (6 bars).

Double Hinged Gates

Double hinged gates are made of 1.9" outside diameter steel tubing with 13-gauge high yield steel tube.

Double Hinged Gate Double Hinged Gate Tubing

Slant Bar-Feed Through Gates & Fences

CK Manufacturing's slant bar-feed through gates and fences are custom built to any length. The top and bottom bars are 1.9" O.D. 13 gauge wall, high yield steel tube. Slant bars are 1" schedule 40 pipe.

Our gate troughs are constructed of 14 gauge steel and measure 8" deep x 13 1⁄2" wide at the top. Learn more about our cattle control equipment today!

Slant Bar-Feed Through Gate Slant Bar-Feed Through Fence